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The Cube is born is the first Episode of Happy Birthdays, after the Prologue. The player will meet Navi, a strange blue crystal, which once created life on worlds, but now needs help to do so. In this Episode, the player will get to know how the game works and what especially should be taken care of. Navi explains the different modes and how terraforming is done.

Organisms unlocked in this chapter:
Stromatolite, Callunia, Baragwanathia, Asteroxylon, Cyclomedusa, Elrathia, Anomalocaris, Pikaia, Velopikaia, Dinorthis, Astraspis, Sacabambaspis, Ophiuroid, Wophiuroid


Thriving Stromatolite[]

"Increase Stromatolite population to 1,000. They thrive in shallows at 48° C."

This is the first mission the player is given. Simply let the Stromatolite population grow over time. If their population is not increasing at a decent rate, simply expand the shallows. Even though they do thrive at 48° C, Stromatolite has a very wide adaptation temperature range.

Seed of Life[]

"Use the Seed of Life to birth Cyclomedusa (No. 005)."

Birth of Cyclomedusa[]

"Use the Seed of life to birth Cyclomedusa."

Birth of Callunia[]

"Conditions for Callunia (No. 002): Water 48° C, shallows, minimum 4,000 Stromatolite."


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