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No.281 Nessie
Rarity  Rarity1.pngRarity1.pngRarity1.pngRarity2.pngRarity2.pngRarity2.pngRarity3.pngRarity3.pngRarity3.png
Vitality S Fertility D
Evolution D Adaptation A
Trophic LV A Size S
An animal similar to Plesiosaurus that emerged in very wide, flat shallows. It had adapted to cool climates, and was named by humans.
Height icon.png Height Shallows
Temp icon.png Birth Temp. 13°C ~ 23°C
Temp icon.png Adaptation Temp. -3°C ~ 38°C

Nessie is one of the organisms in Birthdays the Beginning.

Ancestor: Plesiosaurus
Needed for Birth: Modern Human

No.280 Yeti Organisms No.282 Desert raptor