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No.055 Meganeura
Rarity  Rarity.png
Vitality B Fertility S
Evolution SS Adaptation S
Trophic LV B Size B
A large insect that evolved wings to fly. It appeared near rivers in various places where Pleophacops have been breeding. Emerges when more rivers appear at mid-elevation.
Height icon.png Height Land
Temp land icon.png Birth Temp. 18°C ~ 28°C
Temp land icon.png Adaptation Temp. 8°C ~ 43°C
Moisture icon.png Birth Moisture 44% ~ 88%

Meganeura is one of the organisms in Birthdays the Beginning.

Ancestor: Pleophacops
Descendants: Velokeura, Aruneura, Marineura, Libellulium

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