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The introduction starts with the player meeting Navi, a creature, who used to create whole worlds. He now needs help from the player to do this, and that's how the first Episode of Birthdays the Beginning starts.




Navi is the instructor and little helper of the Avatar.


The player character is represented by a small flying avatar. If the player likes to, he can name the Avatar. The player can see the Level and HP on the screen to the left. There is also the item menu.


The cursor is a blinking red square, which is used to alter the world.

WASD/right and left stick
Press C to move faster
Press . to raise land
Press , to lower land

Mini Map

Locations on the map are marked red. Items appear as yellow dots.

Micro Mode

Similar as Macro Mode, but it's the mode, where players can terraform, pick up items and capture (select it with the cursor and press B) organisms.

Avatar capturing an organism

Macro Mode

Heal lost HP
Unfreeze time: press X to start time and C to fast-forward time

Life News

Shows all important news of the world, which organism appears, which is nearly extinct?

Cube Status

Shows the Air temperature, how much plant and animal life and land and water mass the world has.

How to build a world

While Navi will be a little helper in the beginning of the cube, players should always check and press N, which opens the game menu. From there, players can watch their current cube status, they can save their progress, see their library of collected organisms and the game settings.
To be successfully in building a world, the player should meet the necessary conditions. Lowering the land increases temperatures, while highlands lower temperatures. Players should always have an eye on the cube status.
There are many items to be found in the world, which can help the development of the world.