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No.070 Dimetrodon
Rarity  Rarity.pngRarity.pngRarity.png
Vitality S Fertility C
Evolution SS Adaptation A
Trophic LV A Size S
The first reptile, it lives on land in cool climates. Unlike Ichthyostega, it moves to lands that have little water.
Height icon.png Height Lowland
Temp land icon.png Birth Temp. 22°C ~ 28°C
Temp land icon.png Adaptation Temp. 12°C ~ 41°C
Moisture icon.png Birth Moisture 10% ~ 64%

Ancestor: Ichthyostega
Descendants: Sphenacodon, Trimetrodon, Odontochelys, Diphydon, Eoraptor

No.069 Diceratocaulus Organisms No.071 Trimetrodon