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No.026 Callunopteris
Rarity  Rarity.pngRarity.pngRarity.pngRarity2.pngRarity2.png
Vitality C Fertility B
Evolution D Adaptation B
Trophic LV C Size B
Seaweed that has spread to dry land. When primal butterflies first emerged, seaweed also attempted to migrate onto land. However, it cannot emerge in lands far from the sea.
Height icon.png Height Land
Temp land icon.png Birth Temp. 20°C ~ 26°C
Temp land icon.png Adaptation Temp. 5°C ~ 36°C
Moisture icon.png Birth Moisture 44% ~ 88%

Callunopteris is one of the organisms in Happy Birthdays.

Evolution Relations[]

Codium fragile.png
No.025 Codium fragile
Mutated from

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No.025 Codium fragile Organisms No.027 Lepidodendron