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Ancient human.png
No.278 Ancient Human
Rarity  Rarity.pngRarity.pngRarity.pngRarity2.pngRarity2.pngRarity2.pngRarity3.png
Vitality A Fertility B
Evolution B Adaptation SS
Trophic LV SS Size A
Primates that developed language and writing, and formed large communities. They thrived as food sources, such as olives, became easier to secure in lands abundant with greenery and rivers.
Height icon.png Height Land
Temp land icon.png Birth Temp. 12°C ~ 22°C
Temp land icon.png Adaptation Temp. -1°C ~ 39°C
Moisture icon.png Birth Moisture 10% ~ 64%

No.277 Homo erectus Organisms No.279 Modern human